Join BME Youth to become part of a network that shares opportunities for young people and the youth sector, gaining access to events, campaigns, consultation, training, support, projects and programmes. We’ll keep you up-to-date on all of these opportunities through our newsletter.

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Membership Benefits

Getting membership to BME Youth is quick, easy and affordable and comes with a great package of benefits to any youth group, old or new. Our membership network is made up of local youth groups of all sizes, area associations and BME Youth staff who can provide support and training on a range of youth work topics.

  • Practical knowledge & resources
  • Training for workers and young people
  • PVG & Child Protection
  • Accreditation for Young People
  • Access to programmes
  • Access to Membership funding only

Membership Fees

Payment for membership can be made by PayPal, BACS and Stripe.

Youth Membership

£24 per year

Adult Membership

£60 per year

Nonprofit Organisations

£120 per year

Businesses Membership

£240 per year